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The Consolation of Imaginary Things

... is not imaginary consolation

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I am none of the following- wife, mother, grandmother, auntie, rock climber, ballerina, chef, bookstore-owner, cellist, director or skydiver. But I'd like to be.
Here is what I am...
I am daughter, grand-daughter, sister, friend, student, writer, painter, pianist, non-smoker, social drinker, worker, singer, swimmer, movie lover, t.v junky, netballer, horserider, dancer, joker, songwriter, one-time guitarist and a person who loves Dad jokes.
You haven't heard much about me, but one day I'm gonna knock your socks off. Or maybe just one sock. Maybe I'll just push it down a little. But it will make a difference to the sock and you're gonna notice me.
All we can really hope is that we make it through this life with a smile, and that we can give others a smile every once in a while too.
Reach for the stars, don't take 'no' for an answer, ignore the hate, embrace the love, give hugs for free and do it properly with all your might. Don't procrastinate as much as I do, and take up yoga - it's good for the soul and the back. Remember to smell the roses once in a while; actually lean down and smell them. Grin at a stranger on the street and nine times out of ten they'll grin back.
Keep dreaming. Dreams are as important as reality.